General Wesley Clark, in 2002 spoke about A conversation he had at the Pentagon with another general on September 20, 2011. He was shown a memo showing they had already decided that since they did not know what to do about terrorism they will go after governments instead. He revealed the military’s plans to take out seven countries within 5 years (took 10)

Iraq, Syria, Libya, Lebanon, Sudan, Somalia, and Iran.

I believe this list for was was motivated mostly by globalist interests in oil, minerals, slave states & slave labor. Though there is also an esoteric obsession western elites have with the Middle East regarding the ancient myths of Isis/Columbia, Horus, Osirus, Nimrod, ancient gates, tombs, and artifacts.

Today I think it’s most important that we focus on Halliburton, as well as the war criminals involved in the Bush and Obama administrations, Saudi Israeli governments, the CIA + their rogue terror groups & special interests that control our congressional votes. The individuals behind the ruthless slaughter and enslavement of millions since 2001 will undoubtedly be prosecuted for their crimes. These groups infiltrated our government at the highest levels, which also allowed them to get us addicted their pharmaceutical drugs sourced from Afghanistan. There’s lots of bad bad guys that are going to be easy to prosecute after the coming RICO and class action suits.

Soon the world will know about their involvement in human trafficking from 6 of the 7 countries, plan to remove all borders with the manufactured migrant crisis. Worst of all is their obsession with pedophilia, devil worship, & selling out their country.

72 Seconds (@55true4u) is a fellow traveler to Q, and I think he’s doing an excellent job laying out out how ‘the plan’ plays out on ‘the map’ regarding these traitorous murderers:


Class Action.









Big Pharma.

Pay to Play.


30% Addicted.

Rinse and repeat.


Coming to a theater near you! (And grand juries & tribunals)