Nancy Pelosi Reveals Classified Details on North Korea Visits Discussing ‘Missile Technology’


House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has just accidentally revealed classified information saying that she, along with the House Intelligence Committee, have made previous visits inside of Pyongyang, North Korea on live television.


By Red Pill   |  04-20-2018
Photo credit: Conservative Fighters 

The grave mistake from Pelosi occurred as if she hadn’t realized the monumental truth she had just unveiled, continuing to speak about it, mentioning that she along with other members of the committee commenced discussing the buying and selling of missile technology with the leadership of North Korea.

This revelation will have consequences, and the mistake will not go unwarranted.

There are several unconfirmed reports that Americans who have tried to share this information to various video sharing websites and social media have had the videos deleted, which is possible considering the enormous details revealed in this video.

“Well, let me just say that as one of the few members of Congress that’s been to Pyongyang, a number of years ago as a member of the [House] Intelligence Committee,” revealed the seemingly confused Nancy Pelosi. “It’s a frightening place. A Place that is… uh… err…”

At this point in the news conference you can hear someone “whistling” as if to get the attention of Pelosi, not realizing what she’d just said in front of the cameras, or the implications of such. She seems to glance about looking to see what the unidentified person(a) is trying to signal to her.

“When I’ve seen poverty throughout America… er… The world,” Pelosi adds, seemingly lost for words. “As an appropriator, who’s visited the world, and seen our initiatives and how helpful they might be in the alleviation of poverty and the eradication of the disease.”

Pelosi seems to go off track, almost senile, one moment discussing, almost bragging that she’s traveled inside of Pyongyang, North Korea. I don’t think she realizes what she’s admitted here.

“When I went to… North Korea… I saw poverty in a spirit that was just… Mind-boggling,” Pelosi said, shaking her head, still not understanding the admission she’s just made.

“Heh, in many respects” Pelosi adds, cracking a small laugh.

“And uh, it’s… It’s a difficult place, a difficult place. Our purpose then was to say, you wanna talk about MIAs and POWs,” Pelosi continues.

If the time frame she’s suggesting is mentioning POWs, could she be discussing the Otto Warmbier case? This is purely speculation, but Warmbier died in June of 2017, after having been imprisoned in North Korea since the end of 2015. If this were the case, then the visit to North Korea would have taken place sometime around that time frame.

Again, that’s speculation. Nancy had much more to say, and what she would add is mind-blowing.

“We want you to stop, uh, proliferating uh… Selling your missile technology,” Pelosi said. “Issues like that, checking in on the hunger situation. People were starving. Even though their motto was ‘self-reliance,’ they couldn’t feed their own people.”

“And uh… What they told us then, and it’s relevant to now…” Pelosi said. “Hey… uh… We just sell this technology, for money.”

“You wanna buy them? We’ll sell them to you,” Pelosi said while gesturing her hands as if she were both remembering the incident in a mental flashback, emphasizing on the discussion of either buying or selling missile technology to a Communist Dictator, and a brutal regime.

Why exactly was Nancy Pelosi or any member of the United States of America’s government discussing the purchase or sales of missile technology with a brutal leader like Kim Jong Un, or anyone else in the regime?

“And so… My guidance from there to the current situation is… The capability of the North Koreans… to create either the technology for… For a weapon.” Pelosi said. “The uh… Miniaturization of it. The capacity to launch and the intention to do so is something that we need to know as much about as possible… But in the addition to that, they’re proliferators.”

The world is unsure of what meeting Pelosi is discussing, and what exactly she intended to suggest her reasoning, along with the House Intelligence Committee’s purpose for being in North Korea was.

This is a disturbing press conference from the House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), and her inability to refrain from speaking such classified information pertaining to a visit inside of North Korea further showcased why she needs to resign.

Pelosi could be suffering from dementia, although that remains unclear, she’s certainly not fit for office.

These state secrets were completely unknown to the American people, who until now have had no reason to believe that any member of Congress has traveled into Pyongyang, North Korea.

Only recently did we learn Mike Pompeo had made a trip into the isolated nation, but this revelation, if chosen to be reported by the mainstream media, will bring about serious questions from the American people.

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