nypd officers took bribes, vacations, and prostitutes in exchange for issuing handgun permits

The New York Post reports David Villanueva, an ex-supervisor in the NYPD’s License Division, confessed that himself and other police — including officers Richard Ochetel, Robert Espinel, and Lt. Paul Dean — spent years collecting gifts including money, prostitutes, expensive watches, baseball memorabilia, and lavish vacations in exchange for supplying firearms permits.

Villanueva said he was taking bribes from people known as “gun expeditors” in exchange for pistol permits; whether or not the person should receive one.

He claims some of these expeditors may have connects to organized crime. One client cleared 100 gun permits and Villanueva says “none” should have been granted.

The testimony unfolded in federal court during a trial for John Chambers. Chambers is known as a gun lawyer for celebrities and allegedly tempted Villanueva with extravagant gifts including an $8,500 diamond watch and tickets to expensive Broadway shows to get his clients gun permits in the Big Apple.

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