QANON: Obama’s longterm friendship with Hollywood child comes into question

@CarrollQuigley1 | 4/20/18
The girl in these photos is Maggie Nixon the daughter of Robert (Bob) and Sarah Nixon who own a bed & breakfast at Matha’s Vinyard.
Bob actually is pretty famous and comes from a famous family (not Richard Nixon)
Bob has made many films including one featuring George Bush. You may remember one called “Gorillas in the Mist”
Bob’s mother basically created TV Soaps operas…

They have Facebook accounts that are filled with many photos but I don’t feel comfortable sharing them here. Lots of DC connections.

Looking for any connections to “art” as that would be one direction that could lead to what Q is leading us to..

Here she is with Laura Hutton..
Lauren Farley, Maggie Nixon, Nadeeka Jayatilake, Knock Out Abuse, November 11
Twitter doesn’t like this thread…

Here is a more recent pic.

Maggie is now a filmmaker herself.

Okay so back to her mother Sarah.

Here she is with Andrew Cockburn.

He is a well established writer and producer.

Also the father of Olivia Wilde

There is Sarah (red) with Mr. #Pizzagate himself James Alefantis. Wow.

Also the Washington Ballet..

This was hard to read.

A “John Smith” donated $3500.
More recent pic.

Here is a clip from “Sea of Hope”

Martha’s Vineyard is also where John Podesta left his “pizza related map” behind. 🤔