Schweikart: Updated list of 12 earth-shattering doj investigations going on.

@LarrySchweikart | April 19 2018

Someone asked for a refresher of all the investigations going on, so here goes:

DOJ announced around December it had an investigation of Cankles e-mails that had been going on “for months.”

DOJ announced around the same time it had an investigation of U1 “for months”

DOJ has an investigation of the Clinton Crime Family Foundation. This apparently has been going on since 2017. In January 2018, Sessions appointed Cody Hiland as lead prosecutor in Little Rock.

It is not clear if there is a specific Clinton Crime Family Foundation grand jury in Little Rock. There IS a grand jury in Little Rock, but we do not know if it was created for Hiland, is routine, or if he has “repurposed” it for the CCFF. 

Further, earlier reports mentioned FBI investigations into the CCFF in Los  Angeles, DC, and NY.

Now, recently, there is yet a new DOJ investigation of the Clinton Campaign for fraud. What is not clear is whether this is part of the FEC investigation of the $84m in funny money in the Cankles campaign, or if this is separate.

If separate, then you need to add the FEC.

The Awans/IT scandal being investigated by the House Inspector General.

Currently there is no ongoing investigation of the House sex fund. But there should be. It is a key.

The IG had complete his McCabre report in January—but delayed releasing until las week.

Horowitz said in his report that it was delayed because of “new witnesses” (i.e., FBI whistleblowers coming forward to testify against McCabre and Combover. Interviewing them too time.

Horowitz still has coming the “big” report that is sort of a catch all. That is due in mid May.

But in his McCabre report, he mentioned a third “FISA abuse” report due at an unspecified time.

Then there is Congress:

 The House Intel Committee (Nunes), Senate Judiciary (Grassley), House Judiciary (Goodlatte) & Senate Oversight (Johnson) have all still been investigating. NONE of this is good for Cankles or Zero.

The Senate Intel has NOT been active b/c Burrito is the chairman.

Then there is Mulehead’s committee, which, as Rosenstein has said is not looking at Trump, gee, who are they looking at? All the Ukranians & Russkies point to Tony Two-toes and Cankles.

Conclusion: Sessions has four investigations of Cankles; has two prosecutors; has at least one grand jury, possibly three (NY is the other); the FEC has one; Congress has four; the House IG has one; and the sex fund is apparently not being investigated yet;, plus Mulehead. That is four DOJ investigations under way, three IG investigations and/or separate reports; four Congressional investigations; and the House IG investigation. 

That’s TWELVE ongoing investigations but all you hear about is #13 . . . Mulehead.