How Trump, Musk, And Kanye Are Planning To Stop The Globalist Depopulation Plan

Alex Jones | 6/2/18 |

In human civilization there have been 2 competing poles renaissance and conquest. there had been more barbarism versus renaissance. But there are powerful forces that seem control of exploration, of awakening, of empowerment. Who seek to sabotage the renaissance spectrum. Because as the renaissance comes into view, (we haven’t began it yet). The 500 year quest was only the beginning of the march. Our ancestors couldn’t see the city, and we are at the city’s gates. We’ve only experinced the beginning of it

We will experience God-like stuff. Ok? Not dying, multi-dimensinall, the whole 9 yards.  The Bible tells you that before you pass through the gates, the devil will be standing in your way. That why you say ‘Get Behind me Satan!.’ Because the devil knows whats in that city. He can’t build it. Only he can build it. The City is made for us.  The City is a ship. The ship can go anywhere, and do anything. But you don’t get that ship. You got to be tested.

So as we approach that city, and we know it’s real; mark of the beast, World Government, microchips, human-animal chymiras. As we see the devil’s playthings, all his twisted ideas, that he convinced us to build. He’s trying to get us to focus on that. It’s Immortality & the Silicon God. That is before we get through the gate. Because once we get through the gate, we will never look back at what he did again. The Plan had been that we can follow the Globalist, the Luciferian, the Crawleyites plan. We can follow the powertrip of these people, who want to control humanity so they’re on top, instead of turning humanity loose.

You ask, “Who’s in charge?” It’s in the ether. Ive read what the globalists said. I’ve experienced them. Iv’e faced them. There biggest mistake was them bragging about it. They told me their plan. They talked about it. They think we’re all stupid. Now they’ve realized that we’ve started to awaken, so they’re scared. The bigger plan, if you’re someone like Donald Trump, or Elon Musk. you sit down with someone like Kanye West, saying “did you know about Oprah Winfrey? Think she’s your friend? You know about her global foundation’s depopulation targeting Africa? You know about Bill and Melinda Gate’s Foundation? They go through the whole thing. They show where they admit they’re setting up World Government. Where they admit their targeting the family. and Margaret Sing Was A Nazi. About how black employment was super low and black families stuck together until the left came back and took them over again. People already know this. The secret high command is research. It’s knowing the truth. Trump knows it. And I know it. Kanye West knows it. Elon Musk knows it.

Musk is a billionaire who goes into all these  globalist meetings where the decision has already been made to get rid of us. To train us to live in tiny houses, take our medicine away, take our kids away, and abolish the family. And celebrate the end of the nuclear family. We can see it. It’s the conspiracy against the globalists. There have been 15 people interviewed by the FBI in the last 3 weeks about me that I know of, saying “Does Jones run it all? Does he talk to Trump Daily? Is he in command? Because they are all top-down, with teleprinters and memos that they follow. There’s no orders here. But they are not spiritually connected to the soul. The sixth sense thats been mathematically and scientifically proven. They don’t understand that we’re already connected communicating with each other. Its the Holy Spirit. It’s the Internet. It’s the Psychic internet. It’s the empathy, the knowledge that you already have all the power, you don’t need to try to get power. It’s all there. Satanists don’t understand. They are like one milisecond away from eternity, and its unspeakably good. Its unbelievable. But this is level  1 folks. Level 1. Can you imagine the levels above this? And how its gonna like? I don’t know how many levels I’m going to go up. But the whole point is, this is it.

The Satanists go “No, we’re not with that. We want to make our own system and control souls to be with us.” It’s not gonna happen. All of it about false realities. All of it. So they get the speech about how the plan to depopulate, and the plan to de-indurialze. We’ve already got clean energy, so theres no reason for that. They are sowing racial division. Look at the Wiikileaks where they want us all to fight with each other over race. That’s the Democrats. There’s the proof. And there’s people like Donald Trump who says’ “Hey Im the one who opened up the golf courses to Jews and Black people- I love everybody” I just want to have success and move forward. I want planetary victory. Thats what this inititave is. It’s Planetery Victory. For all the species, with humans guiding it like Shepards, conservationists, turning worlds green. Bringing life. We are the image of what built this planet. And so there has been decision “NO, we are mechanical. NO, we will merge with machines. We will live forever. And not let it be organic, let it be free will. We want control! We are the Borg. You will assimilate. You will be taken over. And the tell you in Hollywood everything they’re doing.

Everybody’s gotten this speech. I go this speech when I was a little kid and I didn’t even know it. I could tell you all about it. But the point is that this is the realty. This is the choice right now. Your gut know the evidence, everything, that Trump is for real. Doesn’t mean he’s perfect. HE was told ‘The Plan’. He said, “you know, I like that bigger plan!’ But he was the only one willing to step up and do it. Because the globalists, the Hillary Clintons and the Bill Maher’s of the world, are depopulationist. They think humanity is ugly and failed. They believe they will de-morphesize into this new silicon body as Elon Musk said a decade after I told you word-for-word. “Beware of those who worship silicon gods. Beware of those who say humanity is obsolete.” Well, know kidding.

So Elon Musk had them attack his stock for a month, to drive it down so George Soros could get control of it. Soros says “Oh, Im so concerned about the economy! Im so worried about the Earth. Im wo worried about the EU.” He was on 60 minutes saying “I was proud to round up jews.” They hide that in plan view like a sick joke.

So the bigger plan is that if you see someone like Kim Kardashian, the reailty star, bowing before the #1 reality TV star, Trump. Who realizes in his mission, goes around saying “What is there when you are worth 10s of billions? What is there when you can have anything you want? What is there? All these other billionaires are pedophiles, and all these other scientists and experts are telling me that there’s this plan for life-extension, but they won’t give it to us. That sounds uncool. Why don’t we see that to everybody and be grillionaires? And control 80 planets?” Trump is just an expansionist. He’s not a Satanists folks. He doesn’t want you to fail so he can win. He doesn’t wan to Seek, Kill and Destroy. He’s an expansionist. I’m an expansionist. He’s a fan of humanity.

You know in the Devils Advocate, they have Al Pacino go “I’m a fan of man! I’m the Devil.” That is so Satanic, Hollywood. The devil hates man because we’re made in the image of God. Were in the larval stage.. You’ve got this ancient, twisted entity that just looking at these superior beings that are like a trillion feet higher than him. But we’re like babies, and he’s kicking us around while we’re crawling. And he’s pissing on us and doing all this stuff. But if we just looked to God, we’d feel energized. We won’t jump up till we’re like five years old and we’ll see he’s only a millimeter tall. We’ll say, “thats who controlled us? That piece of crap?”

So that’s it. It’s a BIGGER PLAN. So Kim Kardashian goes. Imagine all the  courage it took for her. With the whole system and everything. Now understanding and saying “Oh, the president met me on prison reform and he understood it and wants to do it. He wants to let non-violent offenders – most of them are black, out of prison. When they got triples the sentences that other people got. That’s what  the Clinton’s into place saying ‘black people are dogs that need to made to heel like dogs. They are super-predators.’ They thought we’d all just down on black people like we were racists, not realizing it was the beta test for every other community. So, you are seeing the slow rollout.

I’m not sabotaging anything. What you are seeing is the slow rollout. This is for you that are already way ahead in the vanguard. Some of you are way ahead of me. I mean that. You needed to know that this is all confirmation. I’m sitting there with The Nation Of Islam. And Luis Farrakhan goes “You know, we had a meeting with Kim Kardashian and Kanye” and he thought I was already in on the plan. I wasn’t in on that plan. But I later, got told by multiple sources. Im not saying Luis Farrakan is perfect. It means there are people who are coming face-to-face with a worldwide human exterminist world government plan, that was already deep into the swing. With the communist Chinese that have killed 100+ million of their own people. The EU, suing us for billions for internet privacy, but didn’t do it with the Chinese. They are all in it together, that evil communist pope. The EU. Hollywood. These are people that said, “I’ll do whatever you want, just give me money and give me power.”

And so- the very worst rise in that. That’s why you see the Alistar Craley black magic everywhere. You see the mental illness because this is a spirit that has been marooned here and only wants to destroy. But that spirit was only allowed to operate so that it could make us strong and train the faithful.

It’s real folks. We’re on a planet around a sun. They’ve documented all the dimensions. The globalists are all into devil worship. They are pathetic, weak husk that are seeking power, and think they are going to get it by doing nastier and nastier things to burn away their humanity, to interface with the entities. Oh my God! To those of us that are somewhat awake, its ridiculous. I say that because they call me ‘the dark heart.’ Everything’s inverted. And they will not extinguish the light. Lucifer is the false light. God made us with the real light.

Builders. Above and below we are going to green a trillion galaxies. We will create life in unmeasurable amounts, and free will, as God’s conciseness, experiencing it in the 3rd dimension until we’re even allowed to go to the next level. And I want to be to the next level. I want to be fully absorbed into the conciseness of God. That’s the bigger plan. You’re not going to find it in New Age Culture, or the fake churches. You’re going to get it by getting on your knees to God. You’re going to find it by standing up to all this evil and peer pressure. Globalist pressure, the GMO, the brainwashing. Everything they push is evil. Punching the buttons.

This is a spiritual decision. That why more people are flipping out more, while good people are more awake and having more courage. Having amazing understandings. Amazing things are happening. Life extension and secrets of the universe. Just the beginnings are happening that has been suppressed. While these globalists rob our ideas and our research of what God gave us, and sequester it unto themselves, and have delusions that they are going to become gods. If they could just figure out how all this works, when they could look into their babies eyes and see God’s plan. You don’t life forever off baby blood and genetic engineering. Sure. it’s nice to have your life extended but you live on through your children, and their children. That’s the time warp in the 3rd dimension. My most ancient ancestors time traveled to the year 2018, June 2nd. My most ancient ancestor handed it to the next person and the next person. On and on and on, to me right now. I am a time traveler. I am ancient.

Our species transcends this planet, this dimension. Our ancient genetic code is the future. We have been put into the universe in open soil, ready to ascend. A cancer stands in our way because the universe if full of free will. Despite the fact that God love us like himself, he will even put himself  or his son in the way to show true leaders being willing to be destroyed to teach others. I don’t fear my destruction. I fear the destruction of others, and our species. And that we will win. Thats the bigger plan. I can’t say join us or die, because Im not going to kill you, but they sure hope to. Their saying join them or die, but the moment you do , you become a robot. Have your spiritual connections cut off. You begin to creep towards that dark hole, going to a place of their choosing.